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FIBERMAX is a leading supplier of composite materials. Our range of high performance products enables our customers to achieve "the impossible" for conventional materials and build a host of exciting structures, such as energy harvesting wind turbines, yachts and award winning race cars. We are driven by our commitment to continually improve in all areas of our work. We aim to ensure our clients receive materials, information and training that exceed their needs. The inevitable result of our efforts is customer satisfaction.
With a focus on high quality and a passion for innovation, we announce the new MAP YACHTING line of finishing products. Benefiting from the recognized expertise of SICOMIN group, from high-performance primers and paints to varnishes, non-skid systems and anti-foulings, this line offers excellent protection against the marine environment, UV radiation and extreme weather conditions. With chemical formulations designed for demanding applications, MAP YACHTING finishing products provide a uniform and durable finish respectful to the environment and the marine ecosystem.
We believe that products should come with free long term technical support, and this support is one of our company's objectives. We offer assistance to our clients ranging from support over the telephone to on site visits. This way, we get involved in production problems everyday. Our customers take full advantage of that and enjoy our versatile technical consulting (on site visits are subject to minimum order levels.) Together, we put down knowledge and know-how, skills and practical experience, and work out composite solutions for a better product, shorter manufacturing timecycles and lower cost. Browsing this site you will be informed about our products and services. If you wish to place an order please visit our terms of sale page first.
Call us for technical support: +306974757790
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Any technological information, advice, instruction or recommendation, given orally, electronically or written by Fibremax Ltd technical staff is confidential and should not be disclosed to third parties directly or indirectly without our company's written consent, and is given with reasonable skill and care to the best of our knowledge. Fibermax Ltd product users must take the full responsibility and rely on their own testing to decide whether the recommended products or methods, instruction or advice are suitable for their own special application.