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One of a kind training that puts you in the lead.

Fibermax brings together small groups of people to work with us on particular methods of composites’ fabrication. When presenting particular subjects we focus on important methodologies, and the details that increase quality and make composite fabrication easier. Depending on the subject topic and level, the participants can be from beginners who want to enter the composites field to professionals that meet difficulties in their process and/or want to extend their knowledge to other composite fabrication methods. During this working seminar we encourage you to actively participate, extensively interact (with hands on experience) and familiarize with the methodology of the chosen subjects. We allow you to interact with examples of practical problems that usually occur during the composite lamination process. Also, during this fabrication process we encourage an ongoing Socratic dialogue and try to make sure that the topic is covered thoroughly and that all queries are answered. After the proceedure, we discuss the results. To close the seminars, we take you to the edge of practical knowledge and point out the potential research fields. Also, we issue a certificate for attending the particular working seminar for composite fabrication practice. We believe that effective training doesn’t end when the seminar is over. Contact us (or your professors) at anytime you have more queries or run into trouble, we will be happy to hear from you!